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Jan 20 2014

Long Division in Pictures

Perhaps your students’ mathematical thinking rivals the discussion in this Abbott and Costello skit.  I always enjoy that one, and it’s funny in part because it speaks to our befuddlement with math algorithms.  I don’t remember learning long division so I can’t comment on how well I understood it at the time.  However, if I…

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May 26 2013

Math Resources

My TFA placement was in middle school math (grades 7-8), and I continue to teach math and cultural subjects to middle grades students (grades 4-6).  I care deeply about making math meaningful, even when that outlook hasn’t meshed with school and student cultures.  Here are some of the resources I use and recommend: Free Online…

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May 26 2013

Enough to be dangerous

As TFA corps members, many of us entered teaching with a great passion for education and educational equity.  We cared about our kids and would attempt to do that which was in our “locus of control” to guide students to meeting big goals (and, let’s be honest, TFA led us to believe almost everything was…

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