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May 26 2013

Enough to be dangerous

As TFA corps members, many of us entered teaching with a great passion for education and educational equity.  We cared about our kids and would attempt to do that which was in our “locus of control” to guide students to meeting big goals (and, let’s be honest, TFA led us to believe almost everything was…

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May 16 2013

Some highpoints on the journey

Administrators at my placement school routinely prescribed “engaging lessons” as a remedy for nearly every classroom problem.  Yet so many teachers, who were well-liked and regarded as effective, leaned toward accountability or control as the panacea for off-task behavior, disrespect, or low achievement.  Sadly, the children I taught were not accustomed to joy in learning,…

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Jul 25 2010

7 percent…

This morning I’m full of joy and anticipation as I look to the school year in just two weeks.  These past two weeks have been quite enjoyable and imperative to feeling settled for the school year.  I’ve moved into my apartment, organized my things, stocked the pantry shelves, and added some furniture (with help from…

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Jul 15 2010

May 8 so long ago…

As a friend pointed out this week, my last post in early May was indeed so long ago!  Since then, I’ve graduated, completed induction and institute with TFA, and found a place to live here in Atlanta.  It’s been up and down, and very busy at points, but certainly a joyful journey thus far.   Here are…

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May 08 2010

The fruitful balance

With just about a week left on campus and then two weeks at home, it’s not long until I will be in Atlanta.  Hopefully the sun will be shining and good company plentiful as we roll up our sleeves and continue to learn about teaching as leadership.  I’m very excited, but it’s so difficult to believe…

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