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May 26 2013

Desperate for work

Several months ago I was invited to observe in a religious education program.  I had expressed interest based on the similarity of the program, called Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, and the Montessori method.  Despite different end goals, both programs feature “sensorially rich” experiences (learning through the senses and through movement) and an environment prepared…

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May 16 2013

Some highpoints on the journey

Administrators at my placement school routinely prescribed “engaging lessons” as a remedy for nearly every classroom problem.  Yet so many teachers, who were well-liked and regarded as effective, leaned toward accountability or control as the panacea for off-task behavior, disrespect, or low achievement.  Sadly, the children I taught were not accustomed to joy in learning,…

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Mar 22 2013

A vacation from a vocation?

It’s spring break!  I always enjoy the change of pace and chance to recharge come this time of year.  As in past years, I’ve spent large parts of my spring break on school-related items: attending a national conference, writing my summative reflection for administration (why is our school a better place because you are here?),…

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Feb 06 2013

New child, new world

Two years and some odd months later, I’m back!  Those were some long months of learning myself and the prevailing methods of the American education system, at least through the lens of my Atlanta middle school placement.  Much of my reflection was turned toward action-oriented classroom items, many of which were difficult to write about…the…

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